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[Live Free Or Die Hard][Perhaps overly so][McClane, Taylor, Matt][Gen][Anti-Valentine's 2010]

Fandom: Live Free Or Die Hard.
Title: Perhaps overly so.
Characters: John McClane, Matt Farrell, Taylor.
Pairings: None. (if you squint and stand on your head, you might see McClane/Taylor…but I wouldn’t advise standing on your head)

Rating: Mature.
Word Count: 1836
Prompt: older, bitter and twisted after a failed relationship with Lucy, Matt finds himself the villain of the piece once more.

Written for: Missyvortexdv in the bb_and_ww Anti Valentines fic exchange

Summary: Elaborate plan, check. Making it end well, working on it.
Note: sorry, but I couldn’t get the “bitter” in.
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[Primeval][Those left behind][Helen Cutter, Stephen Hart][Gen][Anti-Valentines 2010]

Fandom: Primeval
Title: Those left behind
Characters: Helen, Stephen, Connor, Claudia, Lester, Abby
Pairings: past Helen/Nick, others very much depending on how much you squint (not a very shippy fic)
Rating: Gen-ish
Word Count: 2.116
Prompt: What if Nick had gone through time instead of Helen? for rodlox in the bb_and_ww Anti Valentines fic exchange
Summary: Well, as the prompt says. Nick disappears instead of Helen. How will Helen and Stephen cope and in what ways will things be different in Ep1 of S1.

[Primeval - TV][Shall We Play][Helen Cutter, Connor Temple][K+][Anti-Valentines 2010]

Fandom: Primeval
Fic title: Shall We Play
Main characters/pairing: Helen/Connor
Rating: K+
Spoilers: All of Season 3
Warnings: none
Summary: Post-S3. Connor should be dead by now and he's not. There might just be hope left for him yet. Mild Helen/Connor.

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Something Else Out There




Title: Something Else Out There
Author: suprockstar
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger.
Rating: T, for pure angst.
I own nothing. I know, its sad. :/
Summary:There had to be something they couldn't see in the world. Something that could change everything. Something else out there. Because, this couldn't be all there was. [Set during HBP].

His lips parted, and as he was about to answer, he spotted something in her eyes that he did not see before. It was something he had wanted for so long, something so impossible that it was considered shameful for him to yearn for. The words that would make all this pain, all this anxiety, all this agony, go away, even if just for a little bit.


So this fic is too long to post on LJ, so I've included the link to it on Fanfiction.net. Please read and review! All comments are appreciated. :D 

Here's the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5493958/1/