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02 January 2010 @ 08:17 pm
Anti-Valentines Exchange 2010  
I'm happy to declare for the next two weeks - until midnight GMT January 14th - signups will be open for bb_and_ww's first exchange round. Read on for more info and feel free to pimp this out to friends who'd be interested in taking part.

The Format

What exactly is this and how does it work? Well, basically it's like your standard ficathon.

1. You sign up with your details and story requests
2. After signups close, you are matched with a recipient and we email you their requests
3. You write a story of at least 1000 words to one of those requests
4. Come February 14th everyone taking part posts their written fic and gets a fic in return :)

The Theme

As usual for the community the requests made need to be about a character who comes under our remit of the disliked/hated, morally questionable/grey, anti-hero, villians/ & henchmen, alien, creatures/monsters, physically abnormal for their apparent species OR usually "good"/"normal" characters becoming one of the above.

There's probably some requests people may want that don't come strictly under the above and that's fine as long as they are in the right spirit. Basically we don't want prompts for the traditional good guys who nearly everybody loves (unless you want them turned on their head) - this is about the usually hated and/or misunderstood characters of fandoms, because *every* character however dark or disturbed deserves a bit of attention, which fits nicely for an anti-valentines exchange. :D

The Schedule

The exact schedule will be as follows...
Signups: January 2nd to 14th
Assignments: January 16th
Deadline day: February 14th
Fanfic Masterlist: February 17th

Signing Up

If you wish to signup
1. Please join the community
2. Read the below notes on requests
3. Copy the signup info from the textbox, fill it out and submit it as comment on this post

It is important
- at least one of the fandoms you list is an active one of reasonable size to increase chances for matching recipients to writers.
- make sure you list an email you frequently check

Requests can be...
- a specific scenario with specific characters in mind
- you can list favoured characters/pairings from that fandom and up to 3 short prompts

- If want romantic pairings please use a forward slash / between names e.g. Helen/Nick
- If you want friendship/gen interaction please use & between names e.g. Bester & Talia

My requests
Fandom 1: Primeval (tv) - Helen Cutter fixes the timelines
Fandom 2: Babylon 5 (tv) - Bester, Talia - prompt 1: hear no evil prompt 2: space is silent
Fandom 3: Supernatural (tv) - Anna/Dean - losing her grace again
Fandom 4: Sanctuary (tv) - Henry & Ashely - not a usual education
Fic Likes: attention to biological/evolutionary details, travelling, apocafic
Fic Dislikes: MA rated, fluff, torture

Signup Info (copy and paste into a comment)

Remember, you MUST be a member of the community to take part in this, otherwise you won't be able to post come deadline day. We also recommend watching the comm and/or signing up for notifications upon new posts for the exchange round.

If you have any questions please comment here.