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bb_and_ww's Journal

Bad Boys & Wicked Women - Multifandom Ficathon
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Multifandom ficathon for the disliked, anti-heroic, monstrous and villainous characters.
How does the ficathon work?

Instead of an exchange ficathon, bb_and_ww's main focus is an adopt-a-prompt ficathon, making it easier to include more fandoms.

The way we roll is:
1. Anyone can submit screened prompts for adoption
2. Prompt masterlist goes up
3. Prompts can be claimed for writing. One prompt at a time.
3. Writers get writing on their prompt(s) - 500 word minimum
4. A month and a half later stories are posted in the deadline week
5. Lots of fab stories to read
6. Masterlist of stories for the year is posted

Rounds Schedule:
Prompt Submissions: July 14th to August 5th
Prompt Masterlist: August 7th
Deadline Week: September 24th to 30th
Fanfic Masterlist: early October

Anti-Valentines Exchange Schedule:
Signups: January 2nd to 14th
Assignments: January 16th
Deadline day: February 14th
Fanfic Masterlist: February 17th